The Diana Stalder Experience: My Favorite Toner


So… I have been MIA the past week, but that’s because I was working on a mini diet combination with the help of Diana Stalder Cafe, which I am excited to share, but I can’t yet. But, expect something really nice next month cos’ I really worked hard for that! Haha! My tongue is itching to spill the beans! Patience, patience..

But for the mean time, here’s another experience in my skincare adventure up for a review! I’ve been using this toner for two months now, after that I conclude that I will stick with it. If you read my blog previously, you would notice how I put extra effort in minimizing my pores. It is still a work in progress, and I’m glad I am slowly finding the products that does their magic for the said problem area. Now let me welcome you to Diana Stalder Acne Solution Toner which in my opinion can be used everyday!


Whew! (Gasps for breath!) That was long! I’ve been using this on and off for about 2 months already. On and off because, when I try other skincare products, I would stop using the others from my ‘basic’ routine just so I can review it properly. If you use this religiously, this big bottle would last you 1 month. Imagine kung ilan na ang nabili ko kasi nagustuhan ko talaga. So far, there is still 1/4 from the bottle left as of time being haha.


It is suitable for all skin types.
Non-drying. You don’t get that squeaky feel like other toners give. You know that feeling like all the moisture just got stripped down from your face after using? It isn’t like that at all.
Prevents my acne prone skin from breaking out.
It has a lot of uses aside from being a toner per se, which I enumerated above already.
Very affordable!
Doesn’t sting and doesn’t break me out.. Oh! I just said that countless times already.
It isn’t harsh, or too strong. It doesn’t contain much chemicals in it which is a good thing IMO since complicated ingredients complicate my skin as well. I guess my skin just likes things to be simple in order for it, not to break out.

AVAILABILITY: Any Diana Stalder branches.


Would I recommend this? HELL YEAH! This is actually my HG toner up to date. I mentioned a while ago that I use this on and off when I try out other products. I do that to review products properly, usually for a month or so just to see how other products work. But, out of all the other skin care things that I keep coming back to, THIS is one of the few. Right now, my skincare consists of Diana Stalder Tea Tree Soap as my facial soap and Tea Tree Facial wash from Body Shop which is given by my Mom then Dina Stalder Acne Solution Toner then I moisturize with Diana Stalder aloe vera gel.

Have you used this toner? I’d love to know how you feel about it!


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