The Diana Stalder Experience: Episode 5 “My Skin’s Rest Day”

10546986_892891194078374_888284225427893668_oMy 5th visit. Its weekend and its time to visit my therapist in Diana Stalder in Megamall. Last time my skin peeled was Friday morning and at the same day when I woke up around afternoon, I decided to go back to my routine which is to wash my face with my favorite soap – Diana Stalder TEA TREE SOAP. As in I super love that soap. So gentle on my face and that soap really gave me a guarantee that I won’t have a red spot or irritations after using it. Panalo na sulit pa!

Moving on, I arrived in Megamall branch around 3:00pm and I was introduced right away to my new therapist, Ms. Jo because my therapist – Ms Vangee is on her rest day. I lay myself inside the room and she started cleaning my face and moisturizing it after cleaning for the preparation of steaming my face.

After the steaming which I think a bit quick but it gave me ample time to rest and nap, Ms Jo told me that the next procedure will be pricking. Narelax ako face ko sa pag prick ni Ms Jo sa face ko. Magaan ang kamay nya or baka wala na sya masyado makuha dirt sa face ko. I assume.


As always, the only adjective I can think off kapag nasa Diana Stalder Megamall branch ako and inside that specific room is CALM. I am calm and relax. I can also say that I am at home with that room. I can’t deny that the background music helps a lot too for me to be relax and calm. Tamang tama din ang coldness ng aircondition and most of all I love the lighting of the room. Sa blog kong to, ngayon ko lang pala nadescribe yung feeling ko sa room na 4 times ko na lagi pinupuntahan. These are the reasons why I love visiting Diana Stalder especially the Megamall branch.

At the end of my session, there is no peeling solution applied to my face. It is because for my skin to have a rest from peeling and prepare for the next step, according to my therapist which is the Diamond Peel. I enjoyed my treatment last weekend because of the relaxation I encountered, less pain I got and a new therapist who I talked to and she also shared some tips on how to take care of the skin. Taking care of the skin is also taking care of yourself. Well, I couldn’t agree more because I, myself is a Diana Stalder believer. They really made me my self confidence and self esteem move to another level.


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