The Diana Stalder Experience: Episode 3 ” The Changes”


Hello everyone. It’s been a week then since I wrote about my experience for my treatment from Diana Stalder. Well, all I can say is that, I really can say the improvement is shown and that I am very happy with the results. Di naman talaga nakukuha ang result overnight eh. If you want this, magbibigay ka talaga ng oras, effort, pagtitiis at disiplina. For me that’s the basic.

As always as I visit Diana Stalder Megamall, I am looking forward talaga sa mangyayare and never talaga ako nadisappoint. I arrived there 5 minutes before my call time and met again my therapist, Miss Vangee. In no time, we started to catch up and she slightly observed my face and from there alam na alam na nya ang gagawin nya sakin bago pa man kami pumasok sa room which is a solo VIP room. Humiga na ako while she’s preparing the stuff she need for my treatment. Then after mga 3 minutes, my treatment started with cleaning of my face.

Then again, the pricking came along after the cleaning and steaming. As usual, “Tiis Ganda” talaga ako. Madami dami ang nakuha sakin ngayon but most of them are whiteheads na lang. Sinabi nya sakin na “Sir, tiis lang at konti na lang mawawala na talaga”. I believe my therapist. Magaling sya at maayos mag trabaho. In short, may puso sya sa pagtatrabaho at I felt it when she’s doing her job on my face. Along the way, madami din ako natututunan. Well, palagi naman talaga na after every visit ko, madami talaga ako natututunan kay Miss Vangee. Sayang lang di ko pa sya nakukuhaan ng photo para sa blog ko but I promise, makikita nyo din sya. By the way, this is the dirt from my face on my third visit.


I just also notice na less injection yung naexperience ko from this session. Why? It is because less din ang appearance ng pimples and the peeling solution is a big help talaga. Syempre before the treatment ends after the cleaning, Ms. Vangee still applied again the peeling solution but this time 2 coat ang ginawa nya. Mahapdi, tiis ganda ulit pero kaya. Tolerable plus my therapist is really helping to fade the super stingy hot effect of the solution by massaging my face.


Thank you so much DS Megamall for my kit. I love it esp the Tea Tree Soap.

Every visit is a worth visit at Diana Stalder Megamall branch. Thank you sa therapist ko Ms Vangee, Diana Stalder Megamall branch and Miss Dina Dela Paz na sobra bait na talagang she’s keeping in touch and giving tips like a real mom.


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