yurbuds Inspire Vivid Review



I am in love with the yurbuds earphones. I am a runner and I have used these consistently since it was given to me. The yurbuds Inspire Vivid do not move around and the ear buds do not fall out of my ears, just as the earphones claim. I’ve gone through A LOT of ear buds trying to find the right ones, and I think I might finally be in the right neighborhood. These buds sound good to me, but not as great as an – audiophile. The Twist-n-lock feature sounds hokey until the first time you take the yurbuds out of the package and twist-n-lock in your own ear. It stays secure, no jiggling, no removal with a slight tug. These things are actually IN THERE. And despite the snug fit, they actually are hardly noticeable. The last several pairs of ear buds I’ve had have given really bad scratchy sound transfer if the wire rubbed up against my shirt or the edge of my desk or something – that noise would transfer through the wire and into my ears, as if I were wearing a stethoscope. Awful. These yurbuds do not do that.


I got this model as a gift from a friend and the leader of the Fabulous Running Diva Mader Rikki Suarez (@cheapanggangdiva) as a trial run of the Twist-n-lock thing. Now that I know I love it, I will be sticking with Yurbuds and eventually upgrading to a model with volume/track/mic in the wire, or possibly bluetooth. These are awesome.

I’ll try to remember to check back in after a few days of daily use with several weekend jogs using these in order to update my review to include durability.



*TwistLock™ Technology
*Guaranteed to never fall out
*Ultra-Soft Comfort Fit
*Ergonomically designed to avoid nerve-rich areas of the ear
*Sweat & Water Resistant
*Designed for active use
*Exceptional Sound
*Clinically proven acoustics
*Angled-Flex Plug
INCLUDES: 2 Sizes of Enhancers
Dynamic Driver
20Hz-20kHz Frequency Response
Neodymium Magnet
Blue Item#10144
Green Item#10145
Gray Item#10146
Yellow Item#10149
SRP: PHP 1,500


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