She’s Dating The Gangster

KathNiel returns to the big screen in She’s Dating The Gangster


She’s Dating The Gangster is the much-awaited big screen adaptation of Bianca Bernardino’s best-selling filipino novel of the same title, which sold over 70,000 copies in the paperback and possesses an incredible online hit over 600,000 readership in Wattpad.
SDTG Kathryn  1 4RSDTG Kathniel 1 4RSDTG Daniel  1 4R
Kathryn and Daniel are perfectly cast to play the lead roles in the film version of this astounding novel, as their love team is equally phenomenal. the unbeatable team-up of Kathniel captured the hearts of millions of Filipinos through thier top rating and hit soaps on ABS-CBN namely Princess & I and this years’ Got To Believe. The success of Kathniel on TV paved the way for their triumphant crossover to the silver screen primarily as part of the ensemble cast of 2012’s 24/7 In Love, which marked the 20th anniversary of Star Magic and the 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival mega-blockbuster Sisterakas. Their impressive film exposure in these two important movies eventually led to their first solo starrer Must Be…Love (2013), which spawned Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay. Pagpag futher solidified the power of Kathniel as it currently holds the coveted record of being the highest-grossing horror film ever to participate in the MMFF.
SDTG John 1 Character 4RSDTG Elissa 1 Character 4R bSDTG Igi Boy 1 Character 4R
With the upcoming release of She’s Dating The Gangster, the versatility of Kathryn and Daniel as two of ABS-CBN’s most accomplished young actors will once again be showcased. Die hard fans as well as certified film aficionados are in for the unforgettable cinematic experience as She’s Dating The Gangster  She’s Dating The r will feature yet another undiscovered facet to both Kathryn and Daniel as young thriving artists.
SDTG Yana 1 Character 4RSDTG Pamu 1 Character 4RSDTG Marco 1 Character 4R
At the helm of She’s Dating The Gangster is box-office director Cathy Garcia-Molina whose film credits include some of Star Cinema’s most memorable love stories such as Close To You (2006), You Changed My Life (2008) and Four Sisters and A Wedding (2013) to mention a few. Adapted for the big screen by Carmi Raymundo and Charlene Bernardo, She’s Dating The Gangster  is a contemporary Filipino love story for all ages.
SDTG Direk 1 4R
The story revolves around the intertwined lives of a set of young star-crossed lovers (Kenji & Athena, played by Daniel and Kathryn) with a major unfinished business to settle and an unlikely couple (Kenneth & Kelay, also played by Daniel and Kathryn) who unexpectedly finds love in their individual quests to set things right for the people closest to their hearts.
SDTG Kathniel 1 Character 4R
She’s Dating The Gangster carries the universal theme that true love surpasses the test of time. The film also offers an optimistic view on romance as it provides moviegoers hope that they need to look far and wide to find true love, as it could be right in front of them all this time, all along.
She’s Dating The Gangster also stars Khalil Ramos, Sofia Andres, Pamu Pamorada, Marco Gumabao, John Uy, Alex Diaz, Igi Boy Flores and Yana Asistio. Veteran and award winning actors Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta, who boasts of an iconic love team that is still solid and strong as ever, are portraying very special roles in the film.
SDTG Alexander 1 Character 4RSDTG Group 4RSDTG Sofia 1 Character 4R
As part of Star Cinema’s on going 20th anniversary celebration, She’s Dating The Gangster will be shown in cinemas nationwide beginning July 16.


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