WHITE FLOWER RUN: Kaya Natin ‘To Pilipinas: Takbo ng Kaunlaran

Race Categories: 21K, 10K, 5K and 3K
Venue: Bonifacio Global City
Date: Aug. 17, 2014

Registration Mode: In-store (Chris Sports and Online)
Registration Fee:
21K – 1000 Php
10K – 700 Php
5K – 500 Php
3K – 400 Php

Promos: Register 10 plus 1 FREE
Avail 10% discount of your registration when you present your proof of purchase of P180.00 worth of White Flower Embrocation.

Water Station: Every 1.5Km
Medic Station: Every 1.5Km

Participants upon their registration will received:
WF Singlet
WF Race Kit
WF Map
CalchewsChewables 2 small box of 15’s
Finishers Shirt will be given to 21K Finishers

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 10.44.46 AM

21K – 4:00 AM
10K – 5:00 AM
5K- 5:30 AM
3K – 5:40 AM

Race Mechanics for 21K Race
1. Special Race Winners for 21K are:

a. King and Queen of the Hill
b. Sprint King and Queen
c. 5K King and Queen
d. 10K King and Queen
e. 16K King and Queen

2. There will be special signages once you approach the 21K Special Race Marks and there will be a marshal waiting to hand over the special mark medal for the participant who claims it first.
3. Once the special mark medal is handed over to the participant who reaches the mark other participants cannot claim it anymore.
4. 21k Participants can only get one Special Award
5. 21K Participants who won the special awards must complete the whole race to claim there prize, they must turn over the medal at the finish line with the finish line judges and have their names recorded at the winners booth.
6. Participants will win special prizes from their specially marked awards
7. In case of disputes participants must prepare a written report against other participants and must be signed by the race director. There will be a corresponding dispute fee of 500 Php.

Race Mechanics: 21K Race Individual Awards
The21K is not the usual 21K race. There are special awards waiting for the individual and for the team. Individual participants can get a chance to win not just the over-all awards but also:
2KM Challenge – be the first to reach 2KM
5KM Challenge – be the first to reach 5KM
10KM Challenge – be the first to reach 10KM
16KM Challenge – be the first to reach 16KM
King of the Hill – be the first to climb up Kalayaan Fly-over
All participants must complete the 21K Race in order to be entitled for the special awards

1. Online Registration via Dragon Pay Online

2. In Store Registration (Manual Process) at the following Chris Sports outlets:
SM North Annex
Market Market
SM Megamall
Glorietta 3

Registration is until Aug 15, 2014





5 km


10 km


21 km

The first leg of this fun run is just part of a series of activities aimed at making participants, and
the public in general, become aware of not-so-well publicized, but high impact, social
amelioration efforts for that certain segments of our community.
By addressing the trauma effects of certain events on people, White Flower wants to hype on its role: to be an instrument of alleviating the situation of certain segments of the community by way of providing socio-economic, and even psychological support, to people in need.

Filipinos are known to be hardworking and resilient. Against all odds, they work together in order to move together. What we need to do is to utilize our full potential. Filipinos can look forward to a brighter tomorrow, once they know what we can truly achieve through our own means.

White Flower rebrands itself as a sports liniment providing comfort and quick ease of pain better than any other product in the market. To begin, WF will be challenging participants with a – 21K Race and side events 16K, 10K and a 5K.

By identifying specific sectorial needs and by providing the needed support to these segments, events like this will come a long way to uplifting society in general. Fun run is one the means to bring people together to make a statement, with common interest, and with the appropriate communication messages, to create ripples effects to move people’s mind-sets from lethargy and indifference (and even ignorance) towards the realization that we, as Filipinos can, together, do something for each other, that we as a people can realize that we have nobody else to turn to but ourselves. Ultimately, these advocacies are designed to impact on making the lives of the beneficiaries more productive, instead of traumatic, more pro-active rather than re-active, and psychologically, more rewarding for both advocates and beneficiaries.

By coming to aid orphans of military personnel killed in various encounters against local insurgents and terrorists, this advocacy will jumpstart the lives of children affected by these aberrations. The effects on soldiers risking lives for the communities’ peace and security will come a long way by way of boosting morale, and on children, by way of making sure educational activities are not disrupted.
After the peace agreement was signed in Mindanao, a contingent of marines started an advocacy of organizing football teams among kids of former rebels. Soldiers became teachers, while children are put into school. By making kids study first, before playing football, school pupils are forced to make studying a priority. For those kids doing well in school, most join the football teams, which were pitted against other rural schools in friendly tournaments. Members of winning teams were treated to trips to Manila, where kids were adopted by family volunteers, and exposed to City living and, of course, playing football. Imagine the thrill and delight among 8- to 12-year old kids who spent practically their whole lives in rebel camps at war, and who may go through a shift in mind sets towards peace and normal life in the future. The more institutional approach would be to support the often taken-for-granted local/provincial scouting movements, wherein children can be tapped to undertake socioeconomic (even, tourist assistance, tourist spot rehabilitation and other “commercial” related activities), environmental (tree planting, mangrove propagation, others) and even livelihood activities (agri based, skill- or service-oriented). Thus, similar undertakings will come our way for future events, and White Flower will be going the extra mile to spread the caring and social awareness being “powered” by people with changing mind sets out to make a difference for a better future for Filipinos in need.


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