Sarah Geronimo & Coco Martin in Maybe This Time

Maybe-This-Time-Main-Poster-Coco and Sarah in Maybe This Time, summer’s biggest romantic movie.
SUMMER is the new Valentine’s this 2014 as Star Cinema, on it’s 20th anniversary, creates another milestone with Viva Films in the upcoming mainstream theatrical release of Maybe This Time – the biggest, highly anticipated, and most unforgettable romantic film of the season –  starring ABS-CBN’s Primetime King Coco Martin and Box Office Queen Sarah Geronimo.
MTT Sarah 3a - 4R MTT Sarah 2a - 4R MTT Sarah 1a - 4R

For the past 20 years, Star Cinema has been one of the Philippine entertainment leaders that produced quality films encompassing a wide and diversified range of genres that include comedy, drama, action, adventure, fantasy, animation, horror and romance. Maybe This Time unfailingly honors the tradition of Star Cinema in producing blockbuster romantic films that celebrates timeless and universal stories that showcase the varied forms of love and how it affects human relationships.
MTT Coco 3 - 4R MTT Coco 1 - 4R MTT Coco 2 - 4R

Maybe This Time is a film that every fan and movie buff should not miss as it marks the very first big screen collaboration of Coco and Sarah who are arguably two of the biggest and most bankable stars of ABS CBN today.
MTT Group 2a - 4R MTT Direk Jerry 1 - 4R MTT Group 1a - 4R

Directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng and written by Anton Santamaria and Melai Monge, Maybe This Time is a love story centered on Steph Asuncion (Sarah Geronimo) and Tonio Bugayong (Coco Martin). Steph and Tonio are polar opposites and the only thing they have in common is the fact that they fell in love with each other. Circumstances beyond their control eventually compelled them to  trek separate paths and lead different lives until they finally meet after so many years to confront an unfinished business that may or may not be resolved. After leaving Steph, Tonio became involved with an unlikely in the person of Monica (Ruffa Guttierez) who happens to be the boss of Steph in the PR firm she is working for.  Monica instructs Steph to transform and reinvent Tonio for him to fit into Monica’s world.
MTT Ruffa 1 - 4R MTT Coco - Sarah 1 - 4R MTT Ruffa 3 - 4R

Will their burning passion with each other be finally rekindled or will they conclude a major chapter in their lives and simply moved on? Ultimately, Tonio and Steph will be reminded of the great significance of time and the inevitability of change in their relationship.
Maybe This Time Line


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