Tulong na, Tabang Na, Tayo Na, Takbo Na – DZMM 5k Color Fun Run 2014

DZMM Run Bloggers Night Pres-page-1In the past 3 years, DZMM continues to help the youth to reach their dreams and finished their education through Takbo Para Sa Karunungan. This year, there may be changes as DZMM will color the 5k road as they launch Tulong Na, Tabang Na, Tayo Na, Takbo Na –  A DZMM 5k Color Fun Run 2014 for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. Their aim is to collect funds and raise money for the education of the victims typhoon Yolanda especially the children and their scholars. This will be held on Bonifacio Global City on May 4, 2014.

Race Details

DZMM Run Bloggers Night Pres-page-2
DZMM Run Bloggers Night Pres-page-4
DZMM Run Bloggers Night Pres-page-3
DZMM Run Bloggers Night Pres-page-5
10148880_10152381656889665_1006348494_oCollaterals: Cap, Towels & Drinks
DZMM Run Bloggers Night Pres-page-6

The 5k Route Map in BGC

DZMM Run Bloggers Night Pres-page-7

DZMM Run Bloggers Night Pres-page-8


DZMM Executives and Coach Rio Dela Cruz of RunRio


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