Alaska IronKids Aquathlon

An Experience with the Alaska IronKids Aquathlon. It was weekend then so no work to expect on that day. Together with my Co blogger friends, we tripped from Makati to BF Homes Paranaque to see the kids. In my mind, it’s just like a fun run where I seldom attended but I was surprised about the whole new scene where I realized that I never had that chance when I was a kid. Moving forward, me and my high school friend and running photographer Leslie met and decided to go to Greenbelt One where it’s our rendezvous point. Then we saw Allan Ray (runingfreemanila aka RFM) Cj (run adobo king), Rollie (team titan) and Thirdy (pex running club) arrived as the sun gets its shine. We ate our breakfast at McDonald’s with some chats. After that, we met the rest of the gang Mader Rikki (cheapanggangdiva), Sir John Henry (jhamjhamrunner / Sigue Corer) and Kuya Art Mendoza. We travelled in a service van for a about less than an hour. The Venue:


When we arrived, we were greeted by Ms. Vimz Mendoza together with some of our acquaintances from Alaska group. We proceed immediately to the scene where the kids are getting their selves ready for a swim, warming up and stretching their body for a fight as if they are going to a battle where in fact it’s a challenge. Here are some of the moments from Alaska Kids Aquathlon.





The Medals:



The Freebies:


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