Sierra 5.10.50


The Rules of the Game

Sierra 51050 is a UNIQUE team race. Instead of simply passing the baton from runner to runner, starting Km 10, Runners 1 and 2 will run together. By Km 20, Runner 1 finishes while Runners 2 and 3 will run together. By Km 30, Runner 2 finishes his/her leg and Runner 4 will join Runners 3. By Km 40, Runner 3 finishes; Runner 5 will finally join Runner 4.

  • Runner 1 will run Km 0-20 (20 kms)
  • Runner 2 will run Km 10-30 (20 kms)
  • Runner 3 will run Km 20-40 (20 kms)
  • Runner 4 will run Km 30-50 (20 kms)
  • Runner 5 will run Km 40-50 (10 kms)

As per the mechanics of the race, Runners 4 and 5 will cross the finish line.


There will be a Team Leads Orientation on February 13, 2014, 7-9pm at Escalades, 20th Avenue Cubao, Quezon City.  Race kits will be made available in the orientation after receipt of the signed team waiver.

Interested teams may visit:

Registration Process

  1. Go online and register your team:
  2. Deposit thru BPI Savings Account 4949 6250 74 (under Mark Anthony Terrado) and  Rundezvous, Inc. will contact the team via email or SMS to acknowledge receipt of payment.
  3. Download the Team Waiver from the Sierra 51050 Facebook page.

Registration is until February 19, 2014 at any Secondwind Running Specialty stores.


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