Review: DOSS Asimom DS-168 Bluetooth Speaker

Last weekend, as I was invited by a friend to cover an event in Makati which at first I was skeptic to attend, I was surprised that he chose me to review a certain brand of speaker bluetooth which is made in China. The brand name is DOSS. Hindi talaga familiar sa akin ang brand name na yon knowing most of gadgets are made in China. From afar, nakikita ko na yung mga units (comes in different colors – Red, Chrome and Silver) at parang gusto ko na hawakan. “Don’t worry, mayroon ka nyan. Bibigyan ka mamaya. Sa’yo na FREE!” my friend said as I stare while we are in the premise. I chose the color Red because for me it’s kinda sophisticated and superior among the other colors.

2013-05-27_11_08_28sku44757- (4)

These are the DOSS Asimom DS 168 in different angles.


Well textured, matte in Red, the design is exquisite and very compact.


Dual purpose. A speaker and the base as a power bank too.


Holding it, you will feel the quality. Mabigat sya, pramis! Solid na solid.

This is the actual DOSS Asimom DS 168 that I have.



Doss Asimom DS 168 includes:

  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Charging base
  • User manual
  • 3.55″ cable connector for auxilary
  • micro USB connector
  • USB connector adapter



The first thing I did when I unboxed it was to paired it to my iPod Touch via bluetooth and eventually after in my smartphone. Mabilis agad nadetect ng device ko ang bluetooth speaker. By the way, upon switching on the bluetooth speaker, may voice prompt speaking in Mandarin saying it is ready to be paired. Don’t worry guys, may English version prompt din naman after so huwag po kabahan 😀

With the speaker’s size, it produced a large soud. The speaker is in mono, meaning isa lang ang output ng sound na lumalabas sa speaker unlike sa stereo na mayroong left and right speakers pero the quality is pure crisp plus I was surprised with the bass it produced because it’s somewhat punchy and deep. The speaker’s output rated power is 1.5w (pero sana 3w na for more sound power). This is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and other bluetooth enabled devices.


Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes Ft Adam Levine

CYMERA_20131028_041334_PerfectlyClear_0001 If I Die Young by The Band Perry

The DOSS Asimom DS 168 also has a built in microphone in it for VOiP but I haven’t tested that out.

I also tested the speaker using a 3.55” cable connected to my iPod Classic. I noticed that when it is wired the led color in the top of the speaker changes to red while it is in blue when connected via bluetooth.


The base serves as a portable charger for the speaker itself for longer battery time and can be a power bank (1020mah) for some other devices through a USB cable. May speaker ka na, may power bank ka pa! Charging time for the base is quite fast, approx 1 and a half hours using my Belkin power adapter.



2013-05-27_11_08_26sku44757- (3)

Appearance wise, I love the matte finish with its rubbery texture of the speaker. The battery performance impressed me because of its 7 hours playtime continuously on my experience. The thing I wish was it could have been in a lot more power to give off better stereo sound and audible bass meaning is mas crispier pa ang sound na madedeliver ng speaker. But for it’s tag price of P1,400 (cheapest quality bluetooth speaker around), I highly recommend DOSS Assimo DS 168 as your personal portable speaker and for those who wants show off and share their new downloaded music. (4.2/5)

2013-05-27_11_08_22sku44757- (1)


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